Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet, Greet and Be a Part with Someone Become Good Memories (10-10-10)

Sunday, after several years didn't meet her, finally at our cousin's wedding could meet each other again. Initially to be awkward because several years are not met, but as time passed, we became close again like a child period. There is a change in her, now she's become more slender. And, at the wedding ceremony when she was wearing Kebaya and the makeup, she looks very pretty. Our familiarity happens here, we always go everywhere together. Until one of our aunt think we have more than just a brotherly relationship. And there is an advice, "fellow brothers must not love each other." We were just shy smile... ^_^
When the meal-feeding us both around looking for food, she was very hungry because of this morning no breakfast.
I accompanied her in search of a food.

Ok.... when the throwing events of interest by both bride and groom, who is said if there is someone who still own that can get the flowers thrown by the bride and groom at a wedding it will soon catch up to the wedding.
And on the willingness of her, I also participate in getting the flower. And .... I get the flower, the flower that I present for her.

and one of our aunt, said to us "then you (me & her) already are married." Inside, I smiled happily ... hehehe

Um ... when the night before, we were still together. Inside my room, we play computer and Facebook, while the two of us spoke about childhood and now.
Our stories are separated by the night wore on.

Monday, the next day. A sad day for me, because she had to go back to Borneo ... .. hiks hiks

Hours 5:30 am when I'm leaving college, he said to me, "just left for college later, accompany me talk first." Because I still miss her, I was talking to one hour old. Finally, I reluctantly had to leave college and leave her, I can not take her to the airport.

A brief meeting was very memorable for me, even now I still feel miss with her. I wanted to meet her again....


  1. Apa Rie??
    Itu sodara gw yah, tar lw cemburu lagi...haha